Privacy Statement

This website is provided to communicate information about the Peter Gould Music Trust, its events, artists and sponsors.

For what ends will the data be used?

The data will be used to send you information about the Peter Gould Music Trust.

What sort of information is collected?

We collect contact details: email address, forename, surname. If you prefer to receive information in paper format, we will also hold your name and address on file. This information is not held online.

We also ask you to indicate your email preferences (html or plain text mail).

Who is the data communicated to?

The information is accessible to the trustees of the Peter Gould Music Trust.

How can I have access to my information, in order to verify its accuracy and, if necessary, correct it?

You may see the information that we use for conacting you via email at any time by visiting our sign up form and entering your email address. This will forward you to a page that will display your currently held details. You will also be given a link to update your profile in any newsletters that we send out. Newsletters will also include an unsubscribe button, and there is an unsubscribe link on the home page of our website.

If you wish to check or change your postal address, please contact us directly.

How long are contact details held?

Contact details will be held until such times as you subscribe or until the Peter Gould Music Trust has no further use for them, whichever is the sooner. We will never sell or otherwise disclose your contact details to other organisations.

Who can I contact if I have questions or complaints?

In the event of questions or complaints about email contacts from the Peter Gould Music Trust, please contact us.